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A Little Weird

Kel has seen his share of weird throughout his life, but when London asks him to sub for her and her boyfriend, that tops the list. He isn't gay. He isn't bi. He definitely isn't submissive. And with an underlying case of post-traumatic stress disorder from years in the military, anything BDSM just sounds dangerous.

But he also doesn't want to see his friends hurt, and he's positive that will happen if they get together with strangers from the Internet. London plays things too close to the vest for him to get a good enough read on her, but Kel trusts Ty, even if he doesn't think he'll enjoy turning over control. It'll be a one-off, it'll be a little weird, and they'll all go back to normal.

He's not sure what to do when a little weird turns out to be something he wants. Read More

5/5 stars at Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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Off Trail

Recently widowed, with one dog now crippled and another about to give birth, Keith needs help. Problem is, he doesn't want it. When Spencer blows into his life, Keith does his best to shove Spencer back out. Spencer is everything his dead husband wasn't, and little too close to the wild side for Keith's taste.

Spencer can see that Keith is drowning in details, just as he can see how a little aid would go a long way. But Keith keeps refusing help -- for everything except the crippled dog. Spencer's way into Keith's house is through fur on wheels; finding his way into Keith's heart won't be so easy.  Read More


5 Ravens at BlackRaven Reviews    4.5 stars at Reviews by Jessewave    4 Marbles at Cryselle's Bookshelf

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By Degrees

By Degrees

Orphaned at eleven and bounced around the foster system, Tim learned young that the only thing he could control was himself. It was a lesson he took seriously, and it's the only thing that keeps him safe from more heartbreak. Conner doesn't understand this desire to control things, but he doesn't need to. He loves everything about his control-freak friend, even the way he quirks just one eyebrow. He has for years.

With Con's arrival, everything starts unraveling in Tim's life. He's questioning his sexual orientation, wrangling with emotions from his past, and fending off questions from Con's well-meaning family. Drowning in a world out of his control, his one hope is to let go and trust that love will save him. But after so many years of burying his feelings, he's not sure it's possible.    Read More

Rainbow Reviews 5/5 stars      5 stars at Well Read        4.5 nymphs at Literary Nymphs

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In The Rough

In The Rough

When Jay's daughter is molested in his ex-wife's care, Jay has to fight to take custody of Emmy. But before he can take her in he has to clean up his act, get a job, an apartment, go into therapy, and prove he isn't an alcoholic. And that isn't the hardest part of all of it. To succeed, Jay has to come to terms with his own dark past and learn how to finally put those inner demons to rest.

Rick was abused as a child and always told himself he never wanted to date anyone like his father -- out of work, quick to temper, unable to get his life together. As a young man Rick couldn't help falling in love with Jay, but he knew better than to do anything about it. Jay was his best friend, not what Rick needed in a partner. Now, though, Jay is doing his best for his daughter, overcoming his past and moving forward with his life. Being with Jay might just be Rick's undoing, if he can find the courage to risk his heart.      Read More

Rainbow Reviews 4.5 stars      4.25 stars at Reviews by Jessewave        4 stars at Sensual Reads

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Second Hope by J.B. McDonald

Second Hope

An injured horse. A wary woman. Healing them could cost his heart.

Nat Jackson knows what she's good at: healing horses. Relationships? She learned about the price of those from her mother. When Cole Masterson shows up at her Second Hope ranch with a bad shoulder and a lame horse, she's more than willing to treat the animal. But his money comes with a catch-—he insists on staying at the ranch while his horse undergoes treatment.

The horse, she can handle. Resisting the man… that's a complication she doesn't need.

Money is no object when it comes to his horses, and Cole knows Second Hope offers the best in equine rehab. He hadn't counted on Nat's fractured heart awakening his desire to mend it. Her skills have his horse on the fast track to health, though. There's not much time to work his way through her defenses before it's time to leave.

Nat has no intention of getting her hopes up only to have them dashed. Cole's already thrown his heart over the fence—and he has no choice but to follow it in pursuit of the woman of his dreams.  Read More

4.5 nymphs at Literary Nymphs   5 books and nominated for Best Book Honors at Long and Short reviews

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Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting

Can Love tame a jaguar god?

A Hunting Love story.

A good tromp through the jungle fending off giant bugs and hunting for long-lost ruins in South America is exactly Meg's idea of a great vacation. She takes the sudden appearance of a wounded jaguar in stride, thinking it'll make an interesting story. But when she wakes up to find a man in place of a cat, she wonders who's going to believe it!

Santiago has learned the hard way that he and human women just don't mix. When you can change into an animal at will, it tends to upset people. But despite his best intentions, he finds himself falling hard for the little blond who saved his life.

It'll take a leap of faith -- and of love. Or this treasure will slip through his fingers.  Read More

8/10 at Book Brothel   8/10 by Azteclady

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